Welcome to 「The Nursing Taxi Beagle」!!

~About us~
☆You can get on our taxi with your own recliner wheelchair and electric wheelchair using our accessible slope. Although we rent a wheelchair & a  stretcher. And as the extra service, we willing to escorting you to hospitals, transporting to the Haneda or the Narita airports, & sightseeing , shopping , having meals with. Just as an example, it's about 9000 yen from the Haneda Airport to the Tokyo station using wheelchair distance system below.

☆The business hours are 8 a.m. to 20 p.m. weekday basically, but  we act according to your circumstances in night time or weekends.

☆We use 「Esquire(mini-van)」by TOYOTA as the taxi. This is comfortable car to ride. And seats up to 1 wheelchair & 5 passengers.  

〈About the charge〉
★Meter rate system
2130(reservation fee: 400+arrangement fee:730+care fee:1000)

☆Recliner wheelchair
5130(reservation fee: 400+arrangement fee:730+care fee:2000+renting a recliner wheelchair:2000) 

7130(reservation fee: 400+arrangement fee:730+care fee:2000+renting a stretcher:4000) 

★Distance system. Basic 
The basic fee:730 run charge(90/280m) 

★Standard hour system 
1hour 4650(including care time)

★Care charge 1000

〈Rental fee〉
☆Reclining wheelchair:2000
☆Reservation: 400

☆Oxygen cannula:1000
Please contact us if you have any questions.
Our cell phone:070-1312-4150

Thank you for watching our HP!!